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Paid for by ConservativesOf: PAC, independent of and not in coordination with a political candidate, a candidate’s authorized committee, a political party committee, and / or their respective agent(s).

PAC identifying and endorsing/recommending Conservative Candidates and Legislative Measures throughout the United States. ConservativesOf maintains the following Platform and Organizational Statement as outlining the Fundamental Principles of Conservatism, of which Political Candidates and legislative Ballot Measures and Initiatives must align where applicable in order to merit Endorsements:

The Recognition of our Constitutional Republican System of Government:

ConservativesOf maintains that it is essential for citizens & candidates to understand and preserve our Constitutional Republican System of Government as being fundamental to the preservation of Individual Rights and National Liberty, as opposed to an unfettered Democracy or Conventional Republic. 

The Right to Bear Arms / 2A:

ConservativesOf is opposed to any Political Position or Legislative Measure / Initiative, and the Candidate(s) who endorse them designed/intended to mitigate or eliminate the Constitutional Right to Bear Arms on behalf of law-abiding citizens on any level; Federal, State & Local. 

Preservation of the Entirety and Integrity of the Constitution of the United States as intended by the Founders - Originalist:

ConservativesOf is opposed to any Amendment, Legislative Measure, or Candidate(s) who favor them, which would undermine, mitigate or attempt to eliminate any and all Inalienable Rights as stipulated in the Founding Documents of the United States; the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. ConservativesOf insists on an Originalist interpretation of the Founding Documents and is opposed to Judicial Activistism or a “Living Document” approach to the interpretation of Constitutional Law.

Balanced Budget:

ConservativesOf maintains the fiscally conservative position that the objective of Balancing the Budgets of any and all Jurisdictions on the Federal, State, and Local levels are necessary for achieving and maintaining fiscal responsibility and the economic viability of the Nation as a whole.

Pro Life:

ConservativesOf is opposed to all forms of Abortion and Euthanasia for any reason, recognizing it as an act of willful extermination of innocent human life.

Religious Liberty and Freedom of Speech / 1A:

As stipulated by the Bill of Rights contained within our Constitution

Preservation of the Principles and Laws of First Mention and Constitutional Precedent:

ConservativesOf maintains it is not within the purview of the Government on any level to change the fundamental and longstanding Definition of Terms and establish Law based upon those changes.

Lower as opposed to Higher Tax, Regulatory and Redistribution Thresholds:

ConservativesOf maintains the Individual Rights and Liberties of a free and Constitutional Republic are most effectively preserved when economic collectivism is mitigated in favor of maintaining lower taxes and regulatory burdens. 

About Us:

Function and Purpose:

The ConservativesOf PAC, domain, and associated Social Media Pages will serve as a nationwide Mass Mobilization hub for the purpose of gathering and providing information on Candidates and Ballot Measures / Initiatives of all three levels of government: Local, State, and Federal, with a focus on often overlooked Local Elections especially which are “nonpartisan” in nature, more numerous, and therefore often more difficult to acquire the pertinent information regarding their ideological and political affiliations and origins.  

In the long term, as information is acquired and more and more localities are represented by ConservativesOf “trustees” and representatives throughout the Nation, ConservativesOf becomes a Search feature in which the name of the locality and its associated State is typed into a search field, such as: ConservativesOf: BoiseIdaho. When the search icon is selected, the vetted Candidate(s) and Ballot Measures / Initiatives representative of the Conservative position in that respective locality, as well as party affiliation when available populates with the name(s) of the “endorsed” Candidate(s) and Ballot Initiative position(s).  

ConservativesOf will also act as an informational and event hub for other Conservative website sources and Organizations, as well as conferences, forums, and other grassroots efforts focusing on providing information and mobilizing Conservatives to vote for the Conservative candidate(s) and Ballot Initiative(s) while exposing and countermanding all oppositional efforts. 

Problem and Solution:

The Nonpartisan nature of many local elections present the problem regarding potential inability to identify and determine which candidate(s) and ballot measure(s) are representative of the Conservative position due to undisclosed or not readily available party affiliation, origin, and purpose. Even when local elections are not nonpartisan in nature, oftentimes information on local candidates and measures are not as readily available in contrast to information concerning State and Federal elections. ConservativesOf will act as a “one stop” web based hub in which over time, every jurisdiction will be covered / represented with the properly vetted pertinent information on Candidate names and Ballot Measures / Initiatives representative of the Conservative position in order to mitigate or eliminate the problem of ignorance and misinformation which could potentially cause voters to cast their ballots for Candidates and Initiatives not accurately and adequately representative of their values and intentions. 

ConservativesOf will utilize local based Conservative and Faith Based organizations, ministries, and efforts to provide “trustees” acquainted with and privy to the necessary information on each Candidate and Initiative to determine whether or not an official ConservativesOf endorsement and/or recommendation is merited, as well as mobilize the vote in each and every one of those areas while pointing potential voters to the ConservativesOf website providing the necessary information.

ConservativesOf FreedomStand Events and Conferences:

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” 

President Ronald Reagan 

The vision for FreedomStand conferences and events are to generate awareness concerning the origins and nature of our Constitutional Liberties, and constant attempts by politicians and organizations, both foreign and domestic, to infringe upon them for personal gain and nefarious purposes, or due to a lack of understanding with regard to their values as they impact our system of government.  FreedomStand features some of the foremost Conservative speakers and thinkers who are able to effectively articulate the message and galvanize support and a call to participation and action among our citizenry.

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