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Become a Chapter Director/ Coordinator or Action Group leader in your area.
Identifying and endorsing/recommending Conservative Candidates and Legislative Measures throughout the United States to promote Constitutional Conservative values


Endorsed by

The Idaho Pastors’ Legislative Advisory Council, VAC Action, & ConservativesOf: America

The definition of Conservatism –
Adhering to, promoting, and conserving/maintaining the Biblically based Judeo-Christian Worldview and values upon
which our nation and its Founding Documents are established

If you are running for office and wish to be listed on this voter guide, you will need to be vetted by The Pastors’ Legislative Advisory Council (PLACE) in conjunction with ConservativesOf: America. Send an email to PLACE@vacaction.org

If you want to find out more about PLACE, make sure you are on both the VAC (www.VAC.org/Idaho) and the ConservativesOf: Mailing lists (conservativesof.com/get-involved/).

Voting Info and links

BECOME A POLL WORKER AND MAKE SURE THERE’S NO CHEATING HERE (the progressives come out in droves).

ID Requirements:

Registered voters must present a valid photo ID at the polls in order to vote. If you are not able to show an acceptable ID, you are given the option to sign a Personal Identification Affidavit. Valid ID can be:
  • Current Idaho driver’s license or identification card
  • Current U.S. Passport or Federal photo Identification card
  • Current Tribal Identification card
  • Current concealed weapons license issued by a County Sheriff in Idaho

Other Notes:
These Candidates have been evaluated by their legislative history where available and by questionnaires and personal interaction with ConservativesOf: representatives and pastors in Treasure Valley. We focus mostly on Moral Issues, Do they have a grasp on Non-Socialistic Principles & Character Issues. We tend to avoid issues that are clearly not moral issues e.g. pot holes. We will accept character over experience, believing that experience can be learned, but character doesn’t change unless one comes face to face with our Savior.

Remember, Representative Government means the Representative votes their conscience and not what the masses want them to do (if they did that, it would be a Democracy or as the founding fathers called it: A Mobocracy).

While we realize that in some cases certain candidates are not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, we most often recommend that voters vote for the least problematic candidate as opposed to abstaining and potentially defaulting the election to the more liberal candidate(s) (except in the case of uncontested races with bad candidates).

What if you disagree with the candidate chosen here? That’s great. We encourage dialog and want to hear from you. Please articulate and document all factual issues by email to disagree@vacaction.org It will be passed on to the vetting team who can and has changed recommendations. 

This is a preliminary listing and may be modified or added to in the weeks to come should more information about candidates come to light. Please refer back to this page once voting begins on Oct 23, 2023.

Important Note
While you need to vote at a minimum, it is not enough to merely vote for a candidate. The real battle is in GETTING OUT THE VOTE on a broader scale. Progressives mobilize their voter base utilizing paid union workers – the teacher’s union, etc., WOKE ideologues, and misguided constituents. We cannot assume we’ll win elections by taking a passive approach or limiting our participation to voting alone.

The Pastors’ Legislative Advisory Council (PLACE), the Values Advocacy Council Action, and ConservativesOf: City, County, District, and State Chapters ask that your Constitutionally minded Biblically based Conservative churches, families, friends, and neighbors join with us either through their own church ministries 501c4 branches or through ConservativesOf: Campaign Teams and Action Groups to go door to door and help GET OUT THE VOTE for our Biblically-minded Conservative candidates and / or recommended candidates. This is a great experience for family members of all ages. Homes for door knocking are selected based on their registration, ensuring you’ll be contacting generally likeminded, friendly voters in your efforts. You’ll be joining other experienced campaigners and encouraging likeminded citizens in your communities to vote for candidates who align with our values as best reflected by candidates represented in our ConservativesOf: voter guide(s).

We also encourage you to host Candidate Meet & Greets and other events at your home while inviting your friends, family, and neighbors to attend, get involved, and GET OUT THE VOTE.

Please send an email to volunteer here, if we don’t act, innocents suffer:

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* Means: More or most Conservative than the alternatives

+ Means: Marginally more Conservative or less Liberal / Progressive than the alternatives

More to come, please only print this page on or after May 6th when early voting begins, as it will probably be changing a bit.

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